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Jeffery Miller Catering

Sales Manager, 
Jeffrey Miller Catering
(610) 662-3700

RAW has several qualified catering vendors that offer creative full service food and beverage packages that complement our whimsical venue and will make your event spectacular. 
 All Catering vendors can provide seasonal cuisine for any occasion.  Amidst a myriad of delectable menus, you will surely find the right combination for you and your guests. Catering wedding packages include linens, flatware, china, barware, bartenders, staffing, and of course your food. Sample wedding menu packages are available upon request: Remember, these menus and pricing are only starting points – everything is customizable to your tastes and budget.

Inquire with us for corporate and meeting packages.

Qualified Catering

“Why is catering an event at RAW more expensive than a restaurant?”

Regardless of how creative we may be, it’s not possible to cater a party at a venue for less money than a restaurant would.  Remember a restaurant is open several days a week and has all of the resources there already. Plus, the RAW experience is more of a unique one that your guests will remember for a long time to come whereas restaurants basically provide a similar experience for all.   Essentially our caterer must create a restaurant for you, for one meal, one time.

Besides having bonafide chefs working for our catering partners, just like a restaurant, along with wait staff and bartenders, when they come to RAW, they plot routes to get to your party, figure in travel time and the effect of rush hour traffic, and maintain a fleet of vehicles plus varied rental equipment.  None of these costs are part of the restaurant scene. Although restaurants and caterers both feed guests, our businesses are quite different.

 A Reading Art Works event is custom to your needs in a way a restaurant dinner never can be. Think of it like this - at Reading Art Works you have a private restaurant all to yourself. That’s something you don’t get just anywhere.