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I am a traveler, not a tourist. Capturing the feel, smell, emotion and texture of a place in images is my goal. If words were my images, they would be: Inspiration, Stories, Beauty, Nature, Architecture, Whimsy, Exploration, Surprise, Intuition, Charm, Delight, Happiness, Desire to go, Life Changing, Immediacy, Ever-changing.

Currently, changing the look, texture and emotion of an image with black and white, or pin spotting a single color fascinates me. Next step is taking these images and creating artwork from them…imagery + photography = image-ography.

My choice of subject matter is entirely dependent on my mood at that moment. I always feel so lucky to explore the world and often find myself thinking I may never be back there again. Frantically, I set out to capture the images that inspire me at that moment so that they will live on and on. Bottling Images and the emotions they evoke. 

Many artists talk about repurposing objects. I repurpose images–finding new ways to rediscover and reuse them. As I began exploring the world, it became my challenge to capture the images and share the lasting memories of my adventures. Inspiration behind the lens is around every corner and often lurks in the least obvious places. I try to find those places.

Inspired Images